Elafivolia Arahova Suites offer the perfect combination of natural beauty and high class accommodation, in a magnificent setting full of nature’s masterpieces.

Located just minutes away from the cosmopolitan village of Arahova and within close proximity to the fabulous Parnassos Ski Center and the world renowned Delphi Oracle, the hotel provides an excellent retreat of luxury and comfort.

Using materials in line with the natural surroundings, the hotel provides superb hospitality in a warm and friendly environment. Stone and wood prevail, in harmony with the landscapes surrounding the hotel and adding to its distinctive character.

Explore the mountains and surrender to the breathtaking scenery at Elafivolia Arahova Suites. Gaze at the horizon, as the sun goes down to sleep and the sunset colors overwhelm the sky of Arahova.

The view from the hotel is absolutely enchanting, with a panorama of nature that is unfolded before your eyes. In the privacy of your luxury suite, you may relax and enjoy the serenity of the environment.

This Arahova hotel allows you to be at a strategic spot from the major attractions of the area, without the hustle and bustle of a busy place. Instead, you may invigorate your body and mind, breathing in fresh air and surrendering to the luxury services and the transcendental setting of Arahova. 

Have a taste of Greek traditional breakfast, served daily at your suite and covering both sweet and savory delicacies with local products from Arahova. A healthy way to start your day full of energy, before you head out to discover the hidden gems of the area or just relax and feel pampered by our staff.

Standing out among all other Arahova hotels, Elafivolia combines modernity and tradition, providing top notch hospitality and making every guest feel at home. Our concierge service will suggest the most suitable activities for you and your loved ones, transforming every day into a new adventure within nature. 

Get carried away by the stunning beauty of the mainland, selecting our luxury Arahova hotel for your dreamy vacations. Enjoy the privacy and the tranquility all around, while exploring all the points of interest of the area and reaching Delphi in a few minutes. This is the epitome of top quality holidays, in one of the most welcoming and mesmerizing hotels in Greece!



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